Samo and Katja Gorenšek

Katja and Samo advocate for a holistic approach in aesthetic medicine and work according to the principle ‘less is more’ whereby the final result is a natural look without excessive volume. They believe it is this approach that is the future of aesthetic medicine. 

Katja and Samo have always been interested in questions such as why some things are perceived as beautiful and others not, what defines beauty and what is beauty in the natural world. What is only a move and what is a dance?  What is beauty in art? What makes a face beautiful? 

Having spent several years in training courses led by leading foreign experts in non-surgical medical aesthetics, they can now offer a variety of non-surgical aesthetic procedures to their clients at the SKIN center. Katja and Samo always approach their clients individually and start any therapy with a private consultation to find the treatment that would bring the best results possible, while being minimally invasive. 

During their training Katja and Samo have had the opportunity to meet many international experts, many of whom have become their mentors and some their good friends. They have themselves become trainers of dermal fillers application, Samo Gorensek was  appointed to become a trainer for the world’s major dermal fillers and botulinum toxin companie Allergan. 

It is their extensive experience and knowledge that has given Katja and Samo the opportunity to organize the first ever international congress in aesthetic medicine in Slovenia, focusing on non-surgical rejuvenation techniques where some of the most renowned international experts will be participating. 

We are very proud to announce that the conference will be hosted by an established cosmetic doctor from the UK, Raj Acquilla, MD, who has performed over 50,000 non-surgical aesthetic procedures. In addition to running busy private aesthetic clinics in Cheshire, London and Ibiza, he also runs his own Facial Aesthetic Academy in London, where he provides training to doctors from around the world in the latest techniques and new developments in non-surgical rejuvenation.  

“We think that Skin & Beauty Aesthetic Congress is a great opportunity for aesthetic specialists to meet, exchange experiences and network.”

Katja & Samo Gorenšek




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